The guest has always been exigent choosing a tourist accommodation. He knows which establishment will best supply his needs and which one will suit his expectations of high quality and fair price. However, with the era of technology and the use of online comparison and reservation platforms, the client has raised its level of demand. The aforementioned topics are now mandatory characteristics.

Due to these changes, the hotel sector needs to look for strategies to increase their income, beyond the benefits directly generated through the bookings.

Among the different Revenue Management strategies for hotel establishment, the Up-selling & Cross-selling techniques aim to increase the establishment income and to improve the quality of service and customer satisfaction. But it is necessary to differentiate one from each other. While an Up-Selling strategy consists in the improvement of the hired service, for example, reserving a superior room, the Cross-selling consists in acquiring a complementary product or service, such as a spa treatment or catering service.

Another key factor to be taken into account when implementing Up-selling and Cross-selling techniques and strategies, is the fact that the income generated must be encompassed by a greater customer satisfaction, and this can only be achieved by offering products or services that the customer either wants or needs. 

In conclusion, we could say that for the sales increase strategy to be a success, the Revenue Manager of the Hotel must:

  • Offer the right product
  • To the right client
  • At the right time
  • Optimally priced
  • In the right place

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