Nowadays, being on digital platforms is a great advantage for any tourist establishment. It is no needed to say the last years Internet has become one of the main channels for the hotel sector, both for searching and accessing to the existing offer, as well as to make bookings and contracts. In fact, it is known by every professional in the sector, that to give your accommodation greater visibility in the digital environment, it is almost mandatory, in addition to having your own website, to appear in online booking portals such as Booking.

However, to have visibility in this platform, you need to know some KPIs which the OTA scores the establishment. Among the factors that most affect visibility performance, the Price Quality Score is one of the most important metrics.

How does Booking calculate Price Quality Score?

Booking Price Quality Score, is the level of disparity valuation in a tourist accommodation. This means that it is up to the establishments to provide the best available rate, since Booking compares the price of an accommodation with the prices offered in other media. That is, it finds the intermediaries of an establishment and qualifies this score based on the disparity it finds.

Having the best price quality score will result in a better positioning for your accommodation and appear in the first searches of customers. It is a way to reward you for not finding disparities, or having found the least amount possible.

On the contrary, a low score means that the OTA has found disparities and therefore penalizes the accommodation with a low positioning. In addition to penalize the establishment in its search engines, Booking lowers its price by 5% and 6% of the cheapest rate the accommodation has for sale and offers that difference as a discount to the customer.

How can I control the Price Quality Score of Booking?

In the “Analytics” tab of the extranet, you will see the Visibility Panel of your accommodation with relevant data to improve your visibility in the OTA, including your Price Quality Score.

The best way to control the price quality score is, on the one hand, to ensure that all the channels you use to offer your rooms bookings, are offering the same value. On the other hand, it is important not to offer virtual payment through the application, as if it is offered, it is Booking who directly manages the charge for the room and, in case of founding disparities, it can change its price generating to the establishment a lower gain.

On the other hand, price differences between various channels may occur involuntarily by incorrectly setting rates, promotions, taxes, additional charges and restrictions. In addition, it is important to ensure that you offer the same types of rooms on all your channels, since Booking could be comparing two rooms with different characteristics and, therefore, will have different rates.

What other factors affect visibility performance?

  • Property Page Score

Property Page Score indicates how attractive and useful the content of your accommodation is for potential customers. As content, Booking includes photos, descriptions, services, room information, breakfast information, etc.

At this point, it is necessary to emphasize the quality of the images. The OTA does not show in its search engines establishments that do not have high quality images.

  • Review Score

Shows the opinion average score of the guests who have stayed at your establishment.

You need a minimum of 5 comments to view the score of your accommodation. The OTA calculates the score by averaging the categories of Comfort, Location, Personnel, Cleaning, Services and quality-price relation.

Do you need some help to measure the Price Quality Score or other indicators of this platform?

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