According to the OTA statistics:

“Accommodations with 100% score, have 18% more bookings than accommodations that do not have full content.”  

Knowing this remarkable information, what can we do to have the best score on Booking.com?

All sales channels, including this OTA, have their own methodology to calculate their socre. However, all are based on the same factors: guest reviews, upload quality content, general room availability, price parity compared to other channels and commission.

Take care of your establishment image

The best way to improve your Booking score and avoid a low rating is to control your establishment reputation. The OTAs, including Booking, want their customers to be satisfied with the accommodation they choose. For this reason, the results they will show first, are the ones that have the highest score and the best reputation. That is why the image of your hotel is very important.

One way to control your establishment reputation is through online apps that review it. There are apps that help us to control and answer every review of all channels from their control panel. It is very important to answer all reviews, including negative ones. This practice will give your establishment good image and reputation by showing users how interested you are in provide them with the best experience.

Keep your prices competitive

Apart from your establishment reputation, many people look for the best prices when they are booking a room. For this reason, it is very important to keep competitive prices based on the calendar demand and competition. On the other hand, remind you to put the same prices on booking.com you have on your website or other platforms, otherwise, it penalizes you with low score.

You can also activate offers through all bookings made through Booking App. Making these types of offers to encourage the use of their App, is a detail that this OTA takes into account and rewards the establishment for doing it.

Update your establishment information

Another way to have a high score is updating your establishment information. The more data you provide about the types of rooms and their commodities, the more likely it is that Booking will give you a higher score. You have to show you can reach with guests expectatives and therefore, you will be rewarded with better score.

Update your demand calendar and prices for the fowolling 12 months. The OTA will also reward you improving your visibility.

How much commission do you assign to the OTA?

It should not surprise you that the OTA rewards with the highest positions to those establishments that pay more commission to it.

With the last said, we do not want to affirm that to appear in the top positions of Booking you have to contribute with a high commission, but if you do the same good practices as your competitors, but despite this, they go above your establishment, perhaps it is because they have more budget to give more commission to the platform.

Do you need some help to improve your score in Booking or other OTAs?

If your hotel establishment needs some help to improve its position in this OTA or other online booking platforms, from Roitels, specialists in it, we can help you.

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