Roitels takes care of the Revenue so that you can take care of your Clients.

Outsource your Revenue Management reducing fixed costs and without losing control of processes and decisions.


We help you improve your gross operating profit per available room.


With our exclusive method and the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

Roitels : Passion for Revenue

We have developed our own Revenue Management method which guarantees the improvement of the results accounts of tourist establishments by using cutting-edge technology.

We are highly specialized in Revenue Management – We breathe Revenue, we live Revenue and we are passionate about Revenue – All we do is Revenue.

Outsourced Revenue

Roitels offers three Service Packages for Revenue Management. Find out which one of our outsourcing Service Packages best fits the needs of your tourist establishment.

Revenue Audits

We are “Revenue freaks” – We love statistics, protocols and processes.
Things that work perfectly: that´s our passion, thus we are specialists in analysing what needs to be improved.

Cross-selling & Up-selling Training Courses

Because not everything is data analysis and decision making in the daily management of Revenue, we have specialised in training teams in advanced techniques of Up-selling and Cross-selling.

Custom Consulting Services

Our Revenue Management Consulting Services have one goal: Improving your establishment´s ROI, whether you are an independent hotel, a chain hotel, a tourist apartment or a rural accommodation.


Three packages suited to your needs:


Affordable, convenient and effective.

Situation analysis.

Daily recommendation of optimal price and restrictions.

Pick up and Forecasting daily analysis.

Daily control of parity prices.

Monthly reports.

Commercial support (E-mail).


Our Best Value pack.

Silver Pack content PLUS:

Commercial Helpline Phone Support Service.

Daily Management of Prices and Restrictions.

Online Reputation Analysis.

Competitors Monitoring Service.

Continuous proposal of hiring new channels.

Weekly Reports


Total Revenue – Innovative Solutions

Gold Pack content PLUS:

Daily Reports.

Optimization in Group Quotes.

Daily Analysis of Online Reputation of the competitive set.

Weekly Meetings; Joint Strategic Decisions.

Online Training.

Updated Demand Schedules.

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In Roitels we have developed our own exclusive method for day-to-day management of the Revenue Management Department of tourist accomodations, after one year of throrough research and using Big Data technology. Our tried and tested Roitels Method will make it easier for you to achieve specific tangible objectives in any area of Revenue Management.

Analysis – IROI Indicator

We at Roitels are able to create customized situation reports of the Revenue Management Department or the RM daily processes of your tourist accommodation business.


Historical Data & Strategies

Relying on cutting-edge Big Data technology, we can obtain historical market data and their behavior, related to the activity of any given tourist accommodation.


Decision & Implementation

We use the most advanced and dynamic Revenue Management system available on the market. Thus, we are able to implement the most accurate RM strategies for any case.


Follow-up & Analysis

Via a constant analysis, we manage Revenue in real time, taking strategic decisions and applying the necessary corrections in order to meet and improve the targets set.



It seems that even more in Spain, the evolution of Revenue Management is one of the most commented topics in the hotel sector and tourist accommodation in general. The use of Big Data in the processes of descriptive and predictive analysis, the improvements in...

Our Technology Partners

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