There is an ever increasing number of both hotels and companies specializing in Revenue Management outsourcing that are making use of Big Data. The data generated in intelligent spaces represent an opportunity for hotels to adjust their customer-oriented strategies, through a better knowledge of the behaviors, tastes and preferences of their customers. Likewise, it is an opportunity to improve efficiency in staff management, analyzing the use of the hotel services.

A Future in Motion

As groundbreaking as it might seems, the fact is that Big Data is a technology from the present. And not only will the tourism industry be changed by it, but also every other industry or business will see that change happening. Big Data allows us to achieve something that is key for companies: customize the offer.

In Roitels we did not want to be outdone and thus, relying on state-of-the-art Big Data technology, we can obtain historical market data and their behavior related to the activity of any given tourist accommodation.

In conclusion, the ever more increasing use of Big Data by tourism companies is not a passing fad but a real trend that is here to stay and shake up the tourism sector by offering the client a more customized experience.

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